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Leapfrogging & transfer

Key question: How are fairer living conditions possible without making resource consumption explode?

The term "leapfrogging" describes the rapid change made by a society or a company to a higher level of development without going through the intermediate stages observed in other cases. This connects with the idea that economic resources for unsustainable fossil technologies can be saved and thus the country can invest these resources directly in a sustainable future, instead of in infrastructure that will soon become obsolete. Ecological leapfrogging can be an alternative to development-as-catching up. It provides strategies to directly enter the phase of sustainability without going through the resource-intensive production and consumption models of industrial societies.

"Leapfrogging & transfer" deals with how emerging countries can be supported in building up new infrastructure in line, as far as possible, with sustainable development. At the same time it asks how transfer structures must be designed to make a transfer from emerging to industrial countries possible - which is rarely provided by present development cooperation. Various resource- and energy-intensive infrastructures will be analysed, in particular energy, water, and transport.

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