COMBI Project Conference and Launch of Online Tool

Quantifying the multiple impacts of energy efficiency

  • Events 17.05.2018

The EU follows the "energy efficiency first" principle – with one key reason being that efficiency not only brings about energy and greenhouse gas savings but also a range of multiple benefits or impacts. But of what size are impacts? How can they be included in cost-benefit analysis? Do they really bring added value to the policy discourse and should energy policy departments team up with others to reap those benefits?
COMBI project researchers will present their approaches and findings for the quantifications of multiple impacts of energy efficiency. Most important impact quantifications have been included to an online tool that will be launched at the event and will be available immediately to participants open-access.

The COMBI project aims at quantifying the multiple non-energy benefits of energy efficiency in the Member states of the European Union (EU). It gathers existing approaches and evidence from the EU area and develops modelling approaches for impacts on

  • emissions (effects on health, ecosystems, crops)
  • resources (biotic/abiotic, metals and non-metals)
  • social welfare (disposable income, health)
  • macro economy (labour market, public finance, GDP) and
  • the energy system (grid, supply-side, energy security)

The conference also presents ex-post assessments and results from other European projects and models and discusses if and how multiple impacts can contribute to strengthen the case for energy efficiency in the future.

The consortium is coordinated by the Wuppertal Institute with the research partners University of Antwerp, University of Manchester, Copenhagen Economics and ABUD/Advanced Buildings and Urban Design. COMBI is funded by the EU-Horizon 2020 research programme.
The COMBI event will take place in the First Euroflat Hotel, Boulevard Charlemagne 50 in Brussels, from 13 pm until 17.30 pm. Further information can be found under the following links.

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